Dolly Parton Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction Way Before That Infamous Super Bowl Mishap

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Dolly Parton has become one of the biggest icons in country history, but in 1978 she picked up her first Entertainer of the Year title at the CMA Awards. Her joy was quickly replaced with anxiety when the singer-songwriter-superwoman experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction.

“I’ve always worn my clothes too tight,” Dolly says in the below video. “But I’ve always wanted to have something real special for special occasions. This particular dress I’d had made in Hollywood. It was made out of a really beautiful fabric but it was thin as paper.”

During her acceptance speech, she artfully acknowledged the malfunction, which she was able to save before taking the stage, and focused on one of the biggest honors of her career.

“It means you’ve been out there on the road and people see you as an entertainer,” she says of the award. “I played banjo, I played different instruments and I would sing. It made me feel good knowing that they were being entertained more than just hearing me as a singer … it made me feel like I was up there with the big boys.”