Drake White’s Guitar Hack Will Make You A Better Songwriter

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So you’re trying to become a better guitar player and songwriter? The trouble there is knowing both where to start and what your next steps are. So much of writing and playing is feel–artistic intuition. But you don’t have to start completely from scratch. You can use someone else’s tune to help hone your own skills. That’s what Drake White did and it helped him figure out melody arrangements and honed his lyrical ability.

This may be some inside baseball, but most popular songs are made up of the same chord progression, playing the 1-5-6-4. So if your song is in the key of C major, you would play C-G-Am-F. It is shocking how much that basic form is used. Drake is just using that to help him write new songs.

His Mom used to tell him, “Only boring people are boring.” So, instead of sitting around, he would play the chords to a well known song and make up his own melody and lyrics on the spot. It’s not a good way to hammer out a new song, but an excellent drill for sharpening the tools in your musical toolbox.