Drake White Wants to Save You From Your Smartphone In His Video For “Heartbeat”

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Drake White is a trendy fella, but he’s not blind to the effect of the times. His latest song and video, “Heartbeat”, take a stand against our dependence on the digital world, not because he dislikes technology, but because it is disconnecting us from ourselves and one another.

“Heartbeat” follows a couple locked into the smartphones on a date who can’t even lift their to look at one another. They stop on the side of the road and enter a magic trailer (yeah, hang with me now) and enter a camp-side concert featuring Drake White.


Drake sings about the difficulty of romance and the loss of factory jobs to machinery and rolls it all up into a feel-good burrito about the irreplaceability of a human connection. White talk-sings his verses reminiscent of Charlie Daniels to drive home his point that he is an authentic songwriter, speaking from his heart like some cowboy prophet about our loss of humanity.

I don’t know how much I buy into the plight or his self-appointed role as savior, but we could all use more time away from our screens and with loved ones.