Drake White Shows GQ the Unbearably Hip Side of Nashville


Nashville is cool. It’s laid back and feels like a small community. Even if you don’t live there, it feels a little like home. I really like Nashville, which is why I quickly admit that Nashville can be unbearably hip. There is a lot of pressure to be cool the people feel like they need handmade Italian leather boots, $600 bespoke blue jeans, and Peruvian cotton sweaters knitted by blind hill shaman.

Drake White, noted cool musician, recently teamed up with GQ to show them how to have a “damn good day” in Nashville but ended up touring the trendiest hipster haunts. It looked uncomfortable.

Drake starts his day at Barista Parlor, a place he has obviously never been. From experience, I can tell you that the coffee is good, but BP relishes in being stuffy and pretentious. Most locals avoid Barista Parlor. If you’re looking for a good start to the day, I’d suggest Crema. They have better coffee, nicer staff, and fantastic pastries. But hey, that’s me.

Pinky out, bro

Drake then travels to a music video set where a guy makes expensive shoes and everything moves in slow motion.

mmmm…fine leathers

I expected Drake to take us into nature at some point in the day. Instead he heads to Bastion, a bar with a 21-seat, reservation only restaurant whose chef says things like, “what happens in a restaurant you can’t do at home.” Wrong, you literally can. Drake has a hard time figuring the place out.

“Restaurants are the last bastion of fundamentally human labor.”

Update: chefs are the only people really doing human work. The rest of us are robots.

Next up is Drake’s favorite hat shop. I never realized how much this dude loves wacky hats. It’s his thing. Take this cowhide pimp-hat for example:

Drake then goes for a shave. Well, not a shave as much as keeping that beard line TIGHT. DW puts the clean-cut in country.

Man pampering. Manpering.

They end the day at the one place I would want to visit– Dino’s. What is better than good, simple food, friendly staff, and a place that “stays in it’s lane”? Nothing.

I want to got there. The problem is, we have to figure out what to do with our day because this video didn’t help. Maybe Blake Shelton can help.