Dustin Lynch’s Acoustic Performance of His New ‘Love Me or Leave Me Alone’ Will Get You


Dustin Lynch’s album, Current Mood, won’t drop until September 8, but one song already has the country music world up in arms– “Love Me or Leave Me Alone.” The tune is an old school, country music heartache tune and Lynch’s acoustic version on the Bobby Bones Show will hit you right in the gut.

Lynch performed on Bobby Bones Show as a part of its 4th Annual Joy Week celebration. Where the show encourages listeners to choose joy, spread happiness, and do good things for others. The movement started with Amy’s mom, Judy, and the positive #PIMPINJOY message she modeled so beautifully as she battled cancer.

Will you choose joy for yourself? Then spread that joy to others? We hope so!!! We also hope that wearing your #PIMPINJOY gear will remind you to encourage you to choose and spread joy. Check out The Bobby Bones Show for more information on how to join in on #PIMPINJOY, paying it forward, and spreading joy!