Seven-Year-Old Shows Off Insane Pop And Lock Dance Moves On “The Ellen Show”


Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for finding people with talent. The daytime talk show host invited 7-year-old Ziqi Li, a.k.a. Lil’ Mushroom, to her show to reveal her impressive dance moves.

But first Ellen sat down the little girl to talk about her being in the United States for the first time. Through a translator, Ellen asked why she called herself Lil’ Mushroom. “Because mushrooms are really pretty and the more poisonous a mushroom is, the prettier,” Ziqi Li said.

Ellen then made the mistake of asking her how to pronounce her real name. That’s when the conversation took a turn and got lost in translation. It’s safe to say, we can just call her Lil Mushroom.

Lil Mushroom, who traveled all the way from Beijing, is a master at the pop and lock moves. For those not in the know, pop and lock is defined as a style of breakdancing which involves short, rapid movement of the arms and legs (popping), combined with brief pauses between movements, according to the urban dictionary.

At the end of her performance, Ellen surprised Lil Mushroom with her very own purple warrior costume—something she’s always wanted.