The Best Advice Eric Church Has Ever Been Given is From His Mom and Pretty Brilliant

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Eric Church is one of the most unique badasses to ever be given the title of “badass.” He’s hardcore and tough, plays by his own rules, but is also self-aware and a thoughtful, introspective songwriter. Sure, he sings about smokin’ smoke and pouring drinks, but a few spins of “Like Jesus Does” or “Three Year Old” and you’re quickly reminded of the man behind the aviators.

It’s hard to imagine that Church ever lets much of anything get to him or throw him off, but just like the rest of us– he’s human. Recently, Rolling Stone asked him what the best advice he’s ever gotten was and his answer surprised me, “My mom told me, ‘If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally.’ It’s hard doing what I do for a living, because people write things and say things and you can’t please everybody.”

Turns out, even the most adventurous man in country music needs to be reminded that some people are just mean.

Church recently celebrated his fifth No. 1 hit with “Record Year.” The song is also up for CMA Single and Song of the Year. Church’s Mr. Misunderstood is up for Album of the Year and The Chief is also up for Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. Church’s five nominations make him the most nominated male artist at this year’s 50th Annual CMA Awards.