Eric Church Announces First New Album in Three Years— “We Are Back”

Eric Church new album announce
Photo by John Peets

Eric Church is back. The “Springsteen” singer has announced that he will be releasing his first new album in three years on October 5.

In a video sent to his fan club, Eric revealed the details.

“Hey guys, it’s been a while,” Eric began the video. “I just want to say I’ve missed you. And I have good news.The album is done and we are back. It’s called Desperate Man and the first single is called ‘Desperate Man,’ with the Choir having access to listen first through their login today [July 12].”

Eric Church Desperate man

Desperate Man is the follow up to Eric’s chart topper, Mr. Misunderstood, and his sixth studio album. Co-written by Eric and Ray Wylie Hubbard, the single “Desperate Man,” will be available on Friday, July 13.

Eric added a personal message to his Church Choir, the name he calls his fan club, revealing a perk.  “Just like last time—just like Mr. Misunderstood—if you’re in the Church Choir, on Oct. 5, you’re going to get the album,” he added. “I look forward to seeing you on the road. I’m very proud of this album. See you soon.”