Eric Church Explains the Story Behind New Song “Drowning Man” [Watch]

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Eric Church new song
Photo courtesy Eric Church Facebook

Eric Church dropped his sixth studio album, “Desperate Man,” in October and in the weeks following the project’s release he’s been sharing the stories behind some of the songs. In a new video clip, the singer opens up about “Drowning Man,” which he penned with Casey Beathard.

“‘Drowning Man,’ the thing that really resonates with that is you have these people that I believe are the backbone of this country,” he explains of the song. “They’re the blue-collar [worker]. They want to punch the clock, raise their family. They have their values. I think that those people, a lot of times, they get forgotten. They look at the world and they look at the media and they think, ‘Well, nobody is paying attention to me. Nobody is listening to my worries and my problems.'”

He continues, “I see those people every night in front of me. I feel that and what that song really speaks to, to me, [is] their concern for their life. The [lines] ‘Bartender if you’re with me, pour some whiskey on this drowning man,’ is a Friday or Saturday night refrain in most cities in this country.”

Eric admits that “Drowning Man” is currently one of his five favorite songs from his career.

“I’m looking forward to playing it live,” he adds.

Eric will kick off his Double Down Tour in 2019 on Jan. 18 in Omaha, Nebraska. The trek will include two unique shows in each city he visits. Instead of his usual three-hour set in each city, he’ll play a total of six hours.

“We double down. Not Friday OR Saturday, but Friday AND Saturday. And we take over your F—- city,” he previously announced.