Garth Brooks, George Strait and Eric Church Among Highest Grossing Touring Artists of 2019

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We love a good list, especially a music list. ESPECIALLY a music list that some of our favorite country stars appear on, so when Pollstar released their mid-year list of the highest grossing concert performers of 2019, we were excited to see some of those very artists repping country music. But then we took a dive into the numbers and it got even more interesting.

Yay for Eric Church! Eric is the first country artist to show up on both the North American (at number 10) and the worldwide (at number 12) lists. He has grossed $46.6 million so far at an average of $94.86 a ticket. He has also sold 489,324 tickets so far in 17 cities at 34 shows. Two shows per city — wow!

Next up at number 14 on the N.A. list is Garth Brooks. G-man has grossed $39.8-million at an admirable $89 average ticket price. He has sold nearly 450,000 tickets in five cities at six shows. Whoa!

OK, hold onto your horses. The next country superstar on the North American list is (imagine a drumroll, if you will)…George Strait! Yes, the laid back Texan who retired from conventional touring in 2014, comes in at number 20 on the list of 100 stars. The King has grossed an impressive $21.8-million while enjoying a significant amount of golf. His average ticket price is a bit higher at $173.74 and he’s sold just over 125,000 tickets in three cities with five shows.

Now, at the top of the list is the iconic pop entertainer who has grossed a whopping $81.8 million. Her ticket average is $142.71, considerably higher than Eric’s or Garth’s ticket prices, but if you’ve ever seen her dynamic show, most would agree that it’s worth every penny. She has sold 573,040 tickets, but she has also performed 39 shows in 35 cities.

Let’s look at this another way:

Pink: $81.8 million gross / $142.71 avg. ticket / 573,040 tickets sold / 39 shows / 35 cities

Eric: $46.4 million gross / $94.85 avg. ticket / 489,324 tickets sold / 34 shows / 17 cities

Garth: $46.6 million gross / $89 avg. ticket / 450,000 tickets sold / 6 shows / 5 cities

George: $21.8 million gross / $173.74 avg. ticket / 125,000 tickets sold / 5 shows / 3 cities

Sure, George has only made about a quarter of what Pink has made (does it matter that much when it’s in the multi-millions), and yes his ticket price is about $30 more than hers, but he’s also only done over 80% fewer shows, all while enjoying a round at Tapatio Springs (his golf course), his grandbabies, and maybe a little Whataburger from time to time.

Again, nothing against Pink, Justin Timberlake, the legendary Elton John and the Queen, Cher. It’s just fun to see that the King of Country Music remains so viable in his retirement.

TOP 10 Grossing Artists

1. Pink – $81.8 million gross /  $142.71  avg. ticket /

2. Justin Timberlake – $75.5 million gross/  $133.24 avg. ticket

3. Elton John* – $74.7 million gross / $137.16 avg. ticket

4. Fleetwood Mac / $67.7 million gross / $143.58 avg. ticket

5. KISS – $58.1 million gross / $ 110.57 avg. ticket

6. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – $57.3 millions gross / $ 64.03 avg. ticket

7. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – $52.8 million gross / $113.39 avg. ticket

8. Travis Scott – $51.7 million gross / $75.38 avg.ticket

9. Cher – $48.7 million / $120.74 avg. ticket

10. Eric Church – $46.4 million gross / $94.85 avg. ticket

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