Eric Church Goes Acoustic for “Record Year”

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Eric Church’s surprise album, Mr. Misunderstood took the country music industry by storm upon its release last fall. So much so, Church’s own label says they didn’t even really know it was coming.

The album is full of twists and turns with funky grooves, lyrics that’ll cut you to your core and an honest look at Church and his desire to expand creatively.

Church’s latest single from the album, “Record Year” is all about losing oneself in music to get over someone, specifically music as vinyl records. During a recent performance at the Ryman Auditorium, Church shared what he thinks is the best way to listen to music and escape– put on a vinyl record and listen.

Church also played the tune for the crowd with just an acoustic guitar and the Mother Church’s acoustics to help him out. That’s probably the second best way to listen to music.