[Listen] Eric Church Navigates Fear in New Song “Monsters”

Eric Church performing
Photo Donn Jones /CMA

Eric Church navigates fear in his new song, “Monsters.” The latest track made available ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, Desperate Man, discusses the figurative monsters we all have in our lives. While our childhood monsters are a stark difference to those we face as adults, he takes the listener on an introspective journey on how to combat each type of fear.

As a child, he sings of killing the monsters underneath his bed with the help of a flashlight and the bathroom light bulb. Later, however, he deals with his personal demons by getting on his knees and praying.

“Anymore when a restless feelin’ keeps me up at night / Fallin’ on my knees is my new turnin’ on the light / I keep my faith intact, make sure my prayers are said / ’Cause I’ve learned that the monsters ain’t the ones beneath the bed,” he sings in the chorus.

As the song progresses, Eric dives into the more figurative monsters adults often find in their lives from time to time including greed, sickness and pride, among others. All the while, praying keeps him centered and free from these devilish creatures in his head. He later confesses to the listener that one can’t always avoid these personal demons but when that restless feeling comes back it’s best to simply get on your knees and say a prayer.

“Monsters” is the latest song Eric has released ahead of his album, Desperate Man, due to drop on Oct. 5. Previously, the North Carolina native has revealed the album’s title track as well as “Heart Like a Wheel.”