Eric Paslay Returns With The Catchy “Young Forever”


Eric Paslay is back and better than ever with a new single, “Young Forever” which he wrote with Morgan Evans and Chris Destefano. Paslay took time to refocus after scoring big with “Friday Night” and “She Don’t Love You” and is ready to get back on the road playing music he loves.

“Me and the guys toured our butts off,” said Paslay. “I needed a reset, so my wife and I bought a farm. We renovated the house on it, DIY style. But I kept my head down as I was really focused on writing songs I loved. When we wrote ‘Young Forever,’ it totally reignited the fire – I couldn’t wait to record it and get it out to the fans. I think it captured the joy, the dream and the hope that made me fall in love with music when I was a kid and it reminds me, every time I play it, why I keep falling in love with music over and over again.”

“Young Forever” is the first single off a forthcoming sophomore album, released with a hybrid live/lyric video. If it is any indication of the album, get excited.

Eric shared that Morgan had the idea for the song originally, “It was Morgan’s idea. It was like, ‘Man, Young Forever.’ He’s from Australia, but he’s had this idea, and it’s like, man, that’s cool. How do we not screw this up? I think they had just gotten engaged, so I think it was like, ‘We’re gonna live forever and be in love forever’ and just good vibes. This song is about being ‘young’ in every experience.”

They definitely didn’t screw it up.

While writing and recording for the upcoming project Eric remained as busy as ever. In 2016 and 2017, Eric performed over 200 live shows, released an EP collection of songs for fans eager to hear new material, The Work Tapes, launched a partnership with Habitat for Humanity while helping to kick-off their first-ever national cause campaign and being hands on for multiple builds. Eric also continued his work with Dexcom, a leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), to help raise awareness for people like himself who are living with Type 1 Diabetes.