Get to Know: New Duo Everette

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Duo Name: Everette – Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard
Brent: Shepherdsville, Ky
Anthony: Louisville, Ky.
Single: “Slow Roll”

Hailing from Kentucky, Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard—also known as Everette—grew up down the road a piece from each other, but didn’t meet until their paths crossed years later.

The result of that meeting is country’s hottest new duo Everette. The two friends formed a bond right off the bat and are making their move on Music City with the release of their debut single, “Slow Roll.”

Featured on their debut EP of the same name, “Slow Roll” is an easygoing, laid-back summer tune that reminds us to put our troubles in the past and “go with the flow.” If that’s not enough, the guys, who wrote or co-wrote all songs on their EP, throw a shout out to Mathew McConaughey in the song, along with his famous line, “Alright, Alright, Alright.”

Clouds are finally broken up / sun was make for soakin’ up / boats were made for floatin’ but I can tip it in a minute if you want to / throw your agenda out the window / smooth sailing ride / in a daze like McConaughey alright, alright, alright,” they sing in the song’s second verse.

Now, that’s alright with us.


Brent: “I grew up in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and lived there most of my life. I got into country music early on. I remember really being into Garth Brooks when I was a kid. He was popular when I was growing up. I loved country music from an early age. My dad plays guitar and sings. His side of the family’s probably the musical side. We used to have a lot of living room jams with Dad’s side of the family.”

Anthony: “I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s just north of Shepherdsville where Brent’s from. My mom remarried, and my stepdad was in the military so we moved around quite a bit—a little bit in the States, and then we finally relocated to Germany. He was a DJ for ASN, which is Armed Forces Network. So I got to grow up with a radio disc jockey in the house. It was kind of fun to be able to have some sort of link to music like that at a young age.

“My real dad was also a huge, huge music lover. My mom the same way. My mom loved country. She was into stuff like Randy Travis and Travis Tritt. Pretty much all the Travis’s. Then my dad was more so the rock and roll side. He got me into Darrell Smith, and KISS, and all that sort of stuff. When I finally moved back to the States, I was 12 years old. We ended up settling —My mom, stepdad, me, my brother, and my younger sister—in Bullitt County. I actually was in bands with my older brother for the longest time. We played in punk bands, and heavy metal bands. Been all over the map both musically and geographically.

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Anthony: “[Brent and I] were both going to the same church in Shepherdsville. I was teaching guitar lessons at this church and Brent was just starting to go there. We had a mutual friend that said, ‘Brent, you could take guitar lessons from Anthony,’ or something like that. So, Brent came over one day for a guitar lesson. Pretty much about five minutes in, it just turned into a jam session. We were instant best friends. 

Brent: “I ended up giving him lessons is what happened. Just kidding. I gave him life lessons. We had one conversation at a Burger King in our hometown. It literally went like this. It was like, ‘Hey, man. I think we should move to Nashville and really try to do this thing.” Anthony’s response was, ‘Cool,’ so that’s what we did. Musically, right away we realized that we had a lot of different influences. Some were the same, but we were kind of such a yin and yang to each other that we probably subconsciously realized that we had respect for each other of what we could offer musically. Honestly, we just hit it off as good friends. From then on out, we’ve been playing music for 12 years together, it’s just been a grind and lots of hours put in to get to the comfort level we’re at today.”

Anthony: “It’s kind of crazy. We were both playing different kinds of music than each other, neither of which were country. Brent was playing more of a rock kind of thing. I was studying classic guitar at the University of Louisville when we met. When we started hanging out and writing songs, suddenly we were writing a country songs. Brent, at the time, also was a lead guitar player, not a lead singer. I heard him sing, and I was like, ‘Holy crap.” I mean, I’m a guitar player and I love singing harmony, and Brent’s a great guitar player and sings amazing lead vocals. I was like, ‘This just is kind of like a match made in Heaven songwriting wise. Basically, we both got to do something we really love that we hadn’t been doing for a while. It just was like instant. It just felt good.”


Anthony: “We went through a lot of really bad names before we finally arrived at Everette. We got in the studio and were recording our first stuff with no band name. One day after a long day of working in the studio, we decided to take a break and relax our minds. We put on a video that we are both obsessed with—Still obsessed with. It was ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ We watched that movie that night. Next day we were talking, and we were like, ‘What do you think about the name Everette?’ Because, the main character in ‘O Brother’ is Ulysses Everett McGill, played by George Clooney. That movie is just feels like we know those people, like they’re our neighbors or we grew up down the street from them. It just feels like our people.”

Brent: “We spent so much time trying to come up with a band name, once we settled on that, it was like, ‘Yeah, this sounds cool.’ Then as soon as we got confirmation from our team in Nashville and people around us like, ‘Man, that’s cool,’ we’re like, ‘Yeah, you’re dang right it’s cool.’  In hindsight, it really does have meaning behind it.”


Brent: “It’s a song about taking off and leaving your troubles and worries behind and just taking advantage of a beautiful day, and just going at your own pace. We really try to capture that with this song. The idea of ‘Slow Roll’—I had that for a while, and for some weird reason while we were writing that song, I had the nursery rhyme ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ in my head. As I was singing that song, I realized that song has this peace and love, hippy thing to it. I always thought it’d be cool just to give a little nod to that nursery rhyme throughout the song. They’re kind of hidden in there a little bit. I wouldn’t say that influenced the song, but it definitely made its way in there a little bit.”

Anthony: “It’s tough choosing your first single, because it’s the first impression you make on everybody. You don’t want to show all of you crazy. We have songs still up the sleeve. We’re not ready to reveal the full craziness of what Everette has to offer. ‘Slow Roll’ is kind of like the gentle introduction to that.”


Anthony: “We had a plan together before we released the single. We knew we wanted to release one at a time. We actually did release three at first. It was ‘Slow Roll,’ ‘Relapse,’ and ‘Mug Shots.’ Then we released one more. It was ‘Can’t Say No.’ Then we released the whole EP, which was adding ‘Break It To Me.’ We just wanted to throw a little bit out there at a time. It worked out perfectly to give us a little cushion schedule wise, to say, ‘Well, we can really focus on this song now.’ Now that we have all five of these out there, we can let that simmer and marinate with everybody listening to it and finish recording the rest of the record. Which, hopefully, we’ll have out at some point in the next 20 years.”


Brent: “I like to describe it as back porch rock and roll. The reason I say that is the back porch element is just part of us that wants to create a community, especially at our live shows where it feels like you’re on a back porch and almost passing a guitar around and everybody’s involved. The rock and roll is the ecstasy part that we hope to create where music makes you want to hold your beer in the air, or dance, or cry, or just make you feel something.”

Anthony: “My wife told me this one day, and I thought it was the coolest thing. She said,  “Our music sounds like astronaut country.’ I’m not entirely sure I know what that means, but I think she’s saying it’s country, but it’s also kind of crazy.”


Brent: We have some shows coming up. We have the record that we’re going to be finishing this year. Anthony just had a baby. I’m getting married. It’s going to be a big year.”

Anthony: Yeah, it’s a boy. His name is Frederick, named after my grandpa, and he’s beautiful.”

Slow Roll EP track list:

1) “Slow Roll” (Chris Dubois, Clint Lagerberg, Brent Rupard)
2) “Mugshots” (Bryan Simpson, Ryan Tyndell)
3) ”Relapse” (Brent Rupard, Anthony Olympia)
4) ”Can’t Say No” (Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Brent Rupard, Anthony Olympia)
5) “Break It To Me” (Matt Jenkins, Brent Rupard, Anthony Olympia)