EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jenny Tolman Combines Rock & Roll and Country Soul in New Single


Think Brandy Clark meets Kacey Musgraves and you’ll know exactly what you get when you hear newcomer Jenny Tolman combining witty lyrics and a distinct sound.

The Tennessee native released her latest single “Rock & Roll to My Country Soul” earlier this year and now she’s giving One Country readers an exclusive look at the rocking new video.

“I fancy myself more of a storyteller, but for this song, I really just wanted to put out something fun that celebrates music, and people – because we’re all a little Jimmy Page, or a little Emmylou!,” Jenny tells One Country. “I like for my music to live in a colorful character-land, so when it came to the video, all the vibrant, throwback vibes in the bowling alley brought that out perfectly!”

In the video, set in a bowling alley, Jenny finds herself as comfortable in rhinestones and suede boots as she is knocking down a few pins.

The new tune focuses on celebrating differences, while still getting along and finding common ground. One likes a Chuck Berry lick and the other is fond of the fiddle, but meeting in the middle is the sweetest part.

“Like Jimmy Page, I’m like Emmy Lou, but we come together somewhere around blue suede shoes. You’re the rock & roll to my country soul and I like it,” Jenny sings.

“Rock & Roll to My Country Soul” is the follow up “Something to Complain About,” featured on her upcoming album There Goes the Neighborhood.