EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Newcomer Tiffany Woys Debuts Lyric Video for “Priceless” [Watch]

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Hailing from Sacramento, California, newcomer Tiffany Woys made her way to Nashville to pursue her dreams. Those dreams are coming true as Tiffany released her debut single, “Priceless” in November, and is now sharing the brand new lyric video exclusively with One Country readers.

Singing since the age of 4, Tiffany got her musical influence from power vocalists Celine Dion and LeAnn Rimes. After honing her stage performance on the West Coast, Tifffany made her way to Music City where she found her passion in country music.

Her debut single “Priceless,” written by Emily Shackelton, Kelly Archer, and Mickey Guyton, has Tiffany singing about knowing your self-worth. The lyrics to the female-powered anthem remind us all not to settle when it comes to love, “You gotta give me what I’m worth baby.”

“I’m not some drink at a bar on a Saturday night / I’m not some fine dine dinner that you offer to buy / I’m not some dozen roses, glass of champagne, heart-shaped box on Valentine’s Day / you gotta give me what I’m worth baby / my love is priceless / priceless, she sings in the chorus.

With a 4-song EP expected in early 2019, Tiffany sat down with One Country to give some insight into the girl who made her way to Music City in search of fulfilling her dreams.


“I knew I wanted to be an entertainer and be a singer since I was four or five. The older I got, I was able to actually pursue putting a band together. I really would live and breathe music growing up and it I wasn’t able to really be completely 100% myself because there weren’t the opportunities [in Northern California]. So I did everything that was at my fingertips that I could do, but realized that if this is something that I actually really, really wanted to do for real and pursue it, that I would have to move. That was fine with me, because I love trying new things and being an adventurer. I feel like I’ve taken on a whole new home. I love visiting Sacramento and being there, but Nashville is definitely my home now.”


“Celine Dion was definitely my biggest inspiration when it came to what I wanted to do. It was Leann Rimes that really got me into country music. She’s a vocalist herself and that’s really what I identified with. I don’t write my own music right now, so I always identified with a vocalist—somebody that when they opened their mouth it was just mesmerizing. You just stop and you listen. Then along the way I started listening to Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood. I started realizing what I was drawn to. They were stylists and vocalists first and foremost. That was really just how I figured out exactly what I wanted to do and the avenue I wanted to take it.”


“‘Priceless’ was the last song that was ever pitched to me. Even more ironically, it wasn’t the song that I was going to lead to be the single. That wasn’t the one that I, in a sense, had my heart set on. I genuinely believe everything happens for a reason. I knew that this song was perfect for me because I had just recently gotten out of a five year relationship. Moving to Nashville, the relationship fell apart. It was kind of to be expected, but you never really expect it. It’s still a wow. This song represents me, right now, and what I want to say. It’s me discovering dating again and starting that process all over again and knowing your worth, and taking things from past relationships and realizing what you want, what you don’t want. If you’re not going to get it, don’t waste your time—just keep moving. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. You should know your own worth. I think that’s such a great message for women and even guys. Have self-worth. Know that you shouldn’t settle.”


“Originally, the single I wanted to put out first was a ballad—it’s sad, it’s not uplifting. I’m such an energetic, positive person, that I wanted to make sure this is my introduction to everybody. People are going to be meeting me and hearing me for the first time. I wanted to make my single match me as much as possible. So when I walk into a room you totally get who I am as an artist and as a person—who Tiffany Woys is. This song is fun. I like to make sure that I’m uplifting and I’m upbeat for people. I felt like if I was coming in to country music singing a sad song and being depressing when I’m not like that, that there might be a disconnect and I don’t want there to be any confusion of who I am.”


“There’s an EP coming. It’s an early in the year release and it’s already done. The EP represents my journey for love in a sense.  I’ve been through a few good and bad relationships and these songs kind of tell my story on the path to finding that. Country music to me is so authentic, honest, and story telling. I know the songs that I relate to the most as a listener are love songs. Whether that’s angry, sad, happy, because falling in love and getting your heart broken, those things happen every day. Those songs are always going to be relatable. It’s kind of my story. To the people that are going to be hearing me now, this is my journey into love, from the good, the bad, the ugly.”

Tiffany Woys new artist priceless


“I absolutely have my pop elements because I am from California and I mainly listen to Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, those kinds of people. I love a good dramatic big sound. That’s what I wanted to do—anything that I can see in an arena. My sound is definitely country-pop with an edge and big vocals.”


“I’d love to go on tour with Keith Urban. I think he is the most incredible entertainer. I’m so incredibly happy that he finally won [CMA] Entertainer of the Year. I was jumping up and down on my couch because I was like, ‘So well deserved.’ I’ve seen his concerts and I’ve never been to a concert like that. He’s incredible. I would love to meet him. He’s such an inspiration to me in this genre all in itself. I look at myself as mainly wanting to be an entertainer. When I watch a live show, those are things that I pick up on. How does an audience react? Keith just wakes up the crowd and that’s just so amazing.”


“First and foremost is just getting the music heard. I’ve been so anxious and waiting so patiently for this. It’s been a six year wait from the start to the finish and actually having the final product. I am looking forward to getting the music heard and actually starting to perform again. I miss it so much. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a stage. That’s my passion, that’s my big thing. So just being able to entertain again is what I’m looking forward to most for 2019. Hopefully some surprises along the way that I haven’t anticipated yet.”