EXCLUSIVE: Sister Hazel Premieres “Small Town Living” From Upcoming EP “Wind”


Sister Hazel, is set to release their latest EP, Wind, on September 7 and the band is exclusively premiering the lead track, “Small Town Living,” with One Country.

“Small Town Living,” written by Ken Block and Patrick Davis, gives fans a taste of what’s to come from the band’s latest offering. The easy-going country tune has the guys singing about finding that feeling of home in several different people and places they come across on the road.

There’s a little small town living in each of us / there’s a little handshake, a quick wave, a look that we trust / no matter where I go, I know I’m never alone / cause there’s a little small town living in each of us,” they sing in the beginning chorus.

“I still live in the same little town where I grew up, Gainesville Florida. There’s a sense of support, common history, courtesy, and a welcoming feeling of belonging that’s just invaluable,” lead singer Ken Block shares with One Country.  “And as much as we travel – we’ve actually seen it everywhere we go. You can find it if you need it.  We really do all have more in common than we don’t and there is a sense of community all over the place that is available when you just look for it.”

Ken continues, “Those comforting and welcoming attitudes are something we all need, but also all have inside ourselves to give.  It really helps to find it when you’re on the road or away from your family and friends, but even just in your everyday life. The little things that people do to acknowledge and connect with each other, go a long way to knock down walls and connect us all. Flashing a smile, a handshake, a little wave, thank you’s and you’re welcomes are all pretty powerful things that go a long way in making people feel better about whatever it is they have going on.”

The Gainesville, Florida band made themselves at home in Music City, joining forces with Nashville tunesmiths, Randy Montana, Billy Montana, Rebecca Lynn Howard and Ruston Kelly—to name a few—to create their latest six-track EP.

Sister Hazel EP cover

Wind is the second of four EPs in a compilation series titled “Elements” planned for release throughout 2018 and 2019.  It follows their first EP, Water, released in Feb. 2018. Wind, like Water, contains a seventh bonus track, that continues the “Elements” theme.

Sister Hazel, best known for their 1994 hit “All For You,” has dipped their toe in the country music pond before with their ninth studio album, Lighter in the Dark, which reached No. 4 on the country charts. The 2015 album featured the single “We Got It All Tonight” as wells as a collaboration with country singer Darius Rucker on “Karaoke Song.”

Wind, featuring “Small Town Living,” is set to be released Sept. 7.

Wind Tracklist

1. “Come A Day” – Writers: Andrew Copeland, Billy Montana, Randy Montana
2. “Small Town Living” – Writers: Ken Block, Patrick Davis
3. “Whirlwind Girl” – Writers: Andrew Copeland, Ryan Newell, Barry Dean
4. “In Two” – Writers: Ryan Newell, Todd Wright
5. “You’ll Be Safe Here” – Writers: Marti Frederiksen, Rebecca-Lynn Howard, Ruston Kelly, Jim McCormick
6. “Midnight Again” – Writers: Andrew Copeland, Jeff Stevens
7.”Elements II (I’m Free)” – Writers: Ken Block