Fanny Grace Album Features “A Cowboy’s Last Ride” Written By Johnny Cash

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Fanny Grace johnny cash written song for album
Photo courtesy Susan Niles PR

Country/Americana duo Fanny Grace has been leaving their mark on music for over two decades. Made up of Carmen Mejia and Paul Reeves, the country rockers are back at it making music that continues to showcase their smooth harmonies, coupled with their own stylish flair.

“Don’t Want It All, But I Don’t Want Nothin'” is the current track from the album of the same name. Produced by John Carter Cash, son of Johnny Cash, at the Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, Tennessee, the album contains 10 tracks close to the duo’s hearts.

I don’t want it all but I don’t want nothing / started out with a heap of that / Don’t want it all but I don’t want nothing / cause that’s exactly what I have,” they sing in the chorus.

“I was cutting the guitar track for ‘Storms Are on the Ocean’ on my J200; it’s about 30 years old, and still sounds pretty good. About halfway through John Carter stopped me and said, ‘wait, I think I have the perfect guitar for this.’ He came back from his guitar room with an old case, fragile as can be,” Paul shares. “It was AP Carter’s Martin guitar. It was over 100 years old. It had the most incredible sound. I looked up after the first pass and everyone had big smiles on their faces just listening to that guitar. 100-year-old song, played on a 100-year-old guitar.”

Also featured on the album is a track written by John Carter’s dad, Johnny Cash, titled “A Cowboy’s Last Ride.” According to the band’s website,  this is one of the only songs Johnny had written for a woman to sing.

“It’s a collection of songs with heart, meaning and even a little fun that we enjoy and use to help us get by,” Carmen told Digital Journal. “We hope it relates to real people and real life.”

Fanny Grace album Johnny Cash Track

Don’t Want It All, But I Don’t Want Nothin’ Track Listing


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