Father-Daughter Duo Dave and Claire Crosby Sing “Meant To Be” [Watch]

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Viral father-daughter duo Dave and Claire Crosby have a way of letting us all take a break from this messed up world and just sit within a moment of innocence and music.

And oh, it feels good.

The two made yet another visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (Nov. 5) to do just that, performing the Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line hit “Meant to Be.” The now 6-year-old also took the time to sit with DeGeneres to talk about how her life is going.

“I just had a birthday,” Claire told DeGeneres. “I was so excited and I went to Build-a-Bear Workshop for a birthday party. I feel bigger and more excited. I’m in kindergarten now and having fun and I’m learning a bunch of stuff.”

The adorable little girl also talked about liking cats, losing her goldfish and cooking dishes such as grilled cheese and muffins. She also talked about hoping to learn how to play a ton more instruments in the future, with DeGeneres even gifting her a whole slew of new ones at the end of her performance.

There was only one thing during the interview that stumped Claire. That occurred when DeGeneres asked if she remembered the time she was on the show when she was just four years old.

“Not very well, because it was so long ago,” she smiled.