A Fire Department Synced Their Trucks to Christmas Music to Make One of the Coolest Light Displays Ever

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We’ve all likely seen videos or real life Christmas light displays on houses that are out of this world– but light displays made by fire trucks might just take home the win.

This year, firefighters in Sterling, Colorado wanted to put on a light display of their own, so they synced the lights on their trucks to a Christmas music–They chose a very dub-steppy version of “Carol of the Bells” as their Christmas song, and the final result was amazing. The station posted the video to their Facebook page, and it took off.

“Last week we took all of the shots for the video and it took me over 10 hours to edit it all to the music,” Jason Bostron with the Sterling, Colorado fire department told 9NEWS. “I wanted to show some light to our amazing fire department.”