Take a Peek Inside Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley’s Sprawling Compound

Florida Georgia Line Brian Kelley look at Estate compound house
Photo of Brian and Brittney by Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

It’s always fun to see how the country stars live, and Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and wife Brittney give fans a complete tour of their 70+ acre property and the six unique structures built there.

Before a view of the interiors is offered, visitors can’t help but be enchanted by the outdoor area which features a tipi and large basket swing.

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Many longtime fans of Florida Georgia Line will remember The Treehouse that was featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. The two-story nest hosts a recording studio, but there’s also a loft bedroom, living room, kitchenette, and picturesque treetop views of rural Nashville.

The Shack is a simple one bedroom/one bath dwelling that focuses more on the outdoor living space, but also features a gorgeous stone fireplace, a large kitchen with stainless countertops and a master bedroom with an enviable walk-in closet.

A larger four-bedroom, three bath home, The Dog House, also sits on the property, and while it is uncertain which of the residence BK and Britney inhabit full time, this would seem like the likely choice. Here there is enough room for the couple along with their five fur babies. It also has large windows, once again, inviting the outside in.

The Party Barn is another one bedroom, one bath dwelling that brings the outside in with garage doors that can be raised or lowered for the changing seasons. Unique decor, including swings in the living room, make this unique space a delightful guest house.

The Saloon offers a bit of shelter near an outdoor entertaining place that includes a large fire pit. The rustic structure does have bar embellished with galvanized aluminum and large windows that reflect Brian and Britney’s love of the outdoors.

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According to the site, there is also another guest home on the property, but no details are available.

It appears that if you have $6-million and some change, you can own this incredible compound, but the question is, why in the world would the Kelley’s ever want to leave this piece of Heaven on Earth?