Florida Georgia Line Tries To Persuade Jimmy Fallon To Give Them a Couch Interview [Watch]


After 6 visits to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you’d think the fellas of Florida Georgia Line would be invited to not only perform, but to sit and have a couch interview with the man himself, Jimmy Fallon. Is that too much to ask? Jimmy Fallon and the show’s “booker” seems to think so!

During a performance of Florida Georgia Line’s hit song, “Colorado,” the band’s manager made it a point to speak to Jimmy about a pressing issue. He deemed it ridiculous that the group has never sat and had a couch interview— only have performed.

As soon as Jimmy likened the band to “family”, the manager started, “It seems to me that maybe family should get to sit on the couch.”

Later, he continued, “So I have your word on that then? On the couch. We can just go ahead and make that promise official?”

Yet, Jimmy didn’t seem interested in the managers nonsense. He blew him off saying that he was trying to listen to the song, and that he should “go talk to the booker.” This whole discussion was happening as the band performed in the background.

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The band’s manager didn’t take this brush off too kindly, “I see how it is. Come here six times, no couch. The big fat slice of  ‘talk to the booker.’ You know, when I heard this place had cockroaches, I had no idea they’d be so tall.” 

With the manager’s persistence, Jimmy ran off towards the band as they ended the performance. Surprisingly, he didn’t find peace. The band themselves then began their persuasion to tell their stories on the couch, but Jimmy didn’t budge.

Maybe next time, fellas. We can only hope!