6 Songs You Didn’t Know Were (Co-)Written By Florida Georgia Line

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Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of country duo Florida Georgia Line are known for their hit songs and catchy lyrics — but did you know they also write songs for other superstar country singers?

Over the years, the men of Florida Georgia Line have penned hit songs for artists like Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell and Chase Rice — impressive. And, honestly, with five ACM awards, four CMA awards, four CMT awards and two Billboard Music awards, no one is more qualified.

6 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Florida Georgia Line:

1. “Lights Come On” // Jason Aldean

Tyler and Brian co-wrote the song with Jimmy Robbins, Jordan Schmidt and the Warren Brothers. Apparently, after working on the song at Brian’s famous tree house, the crew decided to pass it along to Major Bob Publishing A&R Director Tina Crawford.

“BK just kinda stopped by her office and said, ‘Hey, just send it to Aldean and see what he says about it,'” Jordan
told Taste of Country. “She sent it that morning, and apparently he called her up and said, ‘Hey, this is my last day in the studio, and I really wanna do this song. Can I do it?’ And BK and Tyler were like, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ It’s cool, because they’re still writers at heart, as well, and they knew if they didn’t cut the song, they’d do it with another song. So they gave it to Aldean.”

2. “Party Wasn’t Over” // Cole Swindell

“Party Wasn’t Over” was co-written by Cole himself, Tyler, Brian and Canaan Smith. The song appeared on Cole’s new album,
You Should Be Here.

3. “Summer Forever” // Billy Currington

This song, which was written by Tyler, Brian, Jesse Fraser and Cole Swindell, was passed along to Billy Currington because, apparently, none of the artists were recording songs at the time it was penned.

“My first question was, ‘Why oh why isn’t Cole and Florida Georgia Line going to record this song? It’s so good,'” Billy said in
an interview. “And he said, ‘Man, none of them are recording right now and we just write songs all the time, so we just wrote it and wanted to pitch it to you.'”

4. “Burnin’ It Down” // Jason Aldean

Right when they wrote this tune, both Tyler and Brian knew it was going to be a hit — so why did they hand it off to Jason?

“We were listening to it one day, and I think it was [Brian] that said, ‘Hey dude, I think Jason would kill this song,” Tyler told
Taste of Country. “We should try to give it to him, and at least let him hear it.’ And next thing we know, he’s cutting it…’ We’re songwriters at heart, first and foremost, to get an outside cut’s big for us. I mean, that’s what we dreamed of for years… You know when the right song gets to the right person when you hear it back like that. It sounds incredible. He crushed it.”

5. “Whoa” // Chase Rice

“Whoa” was co-written by Chase Rice himself, Jesse Rice, Russell Dickerson, Tyler and Brian. The hit appeared on Chase’s 2012 album
Dirt Road Communion.

6. “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” // Cole Swindell

Co-written by Cole, Michael Carter, Tyler and Brian, “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” has a “call me when you get lonely” kind of feel. The song appeared on Cole’s 2014 self-titled album.