Just a Reminder: The ACM Gave the CMA an ACM Award

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In case you had changed the channel or nodded off for a few minutes towards the end of the 52nd Annual ACM Awards, you may not have fully realized what was taking place as the Video of Year winners took the stage.

In celebration of the 50th Annual CMA Awards last fall, the CMA commissioned a mashup of three classic country music songs, featuring 30 past CMA award winners. Technically, “Forever Country” was by the Artists of Then, Now and Forever, but when Karen Fairchild spoke for the artists present, she did say she was speaking as a CMA board of directors member.

It’s not like the CMA and ACM are rivals, but they’re definitely friendly competitors in a musical landscape where artists, labels, advocacy groups and the like are constantly jockeying for relevancy.

But, still– the ACM gave the CMA an ACM Award.