Frankie Ballard Really Knocked It Out of the Park with His Latest ‘El Rio’ Video Series Installment


Frankie Ballard has been releasing music videos off his new album El Rio, and since his fourth video has been released, we’ve got to say, it’s been a brilliant move. His latest video, released just days after the album dropped, is all about the guy that can offer a girl more than just money.

The four songs, along with his hit single “It All Started With A Beer” are 5 of 11 tracks on the new album that’s available now.

His video series with El Rio is something to behold, though. From fast cars to pretty women and even an appearance from a man’s best friend, Ballard spares nothing on his four videos. Watching them all in sequence or watching just one by itself, viewers are taken on a ride, capturing their attention and relentlessly keeping it through the whole story.

In this first video, “El Camino,” Ballard takes to the streets to teach us a thing or two about one hell of an afternoon. “El Camino” blends southern rock styles and pop-like hand-claps into the melodies. With a dog (that’s pretty much the centerpiece of the video), some sunglasses, and a jet-black Chevy El Camino, Ballard proceeds to get a corn dog from the local store (after which he feeds half of it to the dog), then pulls into a gravel parking lot to do some perfect donuts with the camino.

In the second video, Ballard says he wants to be a cigarette so he can get closer to the girl he likes. Most of the video is focused in on the girl, who’s a stripper, with some flashes to Ballard and his band playing in a warehouse.

“Sweet Time,” the third song in the series, is about “taking our sweet time in a real fast car,” and the guy and his girlfriend in the video do just that. With the background of some very powerful cars racing down a quarter-mile racetrack, a man and his girlfriend become less and less interested in the racing and more interested in each other. Eventually they sneak back to his car to “take their sweet time.” Musically, this song is guitar-heavy with powerful chords that match the lyrics of the tune.

Vol. IV: “Good as Gold”

This is the final video in the series and Ballard really connects with guys that offer more than just money. Ballard’s car breaks down at the start of the video and for the next three minutes he runs through the day and into the night to get where he’s going. On the way, Ballard shows off some impressive athleticism – seriously, this guy can run.

By the end of the video, Ballard reaches his destination only to find the woman he loves with another man at an expensive restaurant.

The point? Guys like Ballard bring something different to the table and they’re more than just a fancy dinner and big, flashy diamond rings. As the lyrics go,

“He can buy you nice things,

But I can make your knees week.”