[Exclusive Chat] Frankie Ballard Made a Run for the Border to Record New Album

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Frankie Ballard made a run for the border to record his upcoming album, El Rio. The singer took his producer and went South of El Paso to create his latest project, which includes the debut single “It All Started With a Beer.”

“I’ve recorded a lot in Nashville and I get distracted,” Frankie told One Country’s Kelly Sutton. “I live here.”

And the pressure was on for Frankie while making his third studio album.

“It came around to ‘OK, we’re making another record,'” he continues. “We gotta get better. We gotta wrap it up. We gotta take it to next level. The songs have to be more refined. Because if it’s not, it has no reason to come out.”

“I’m so excited. It’s about to be out on the chopping block for everybody to be like ‘We love it!’ or ‘Try harder next time.’ I’m dying for the feedback and can’t wait for it to hit the streets.”

El Rio is available June 10.