Gabby Barrett’s “American Idol” Performance of “Stay” with Sugarland Was Basically Perfect

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First off, am I allowed to say– it feels so good to have Sugarland back in the game? Anybody watching “American Idol” and the Top 24 duets had to agree, especially when it came time for their performance with Gabby Barrett.

Gabby was fortunate enough to get tossed the GRAMMY-winning ballad, “Stay,” which Jennifer Nettles wrote by herself. The song was originally released in 2007 and will likely go down in history as one of the best country music songs ever.

All season long Gabby has been wanting to sing country music but has been asked to go different directions and expand her abilities. It’s a good thing they didn’t ask her to sing a pop song because this pairing was basically perfection.

Luke Bryan and Katy Perry agreed, “I don’t know if we’ve seen somebody today, nail it from top to bottom. You didn’t miss one thing,” Luke told her.

And Katy added, “way to show up… You’ve come so far…I can tell you’re not getting comfortable and that is the key to success.”

Lionel Richie reminded everyone that sharing the stage with Jennifer is a gift, “I know exactly what it’s like to sing with Jennifer. You can actually follow the dots. She walks you right through it. It’s one thing to follow the dots– it’s another thing to HIT. THE. DOTS.”


After the show, Jennifer Nettles tweeted, “I loved singing with you . I cannot wait to see all you are going to do with your gifts!!!!” And Kristian Bush showed some love too, saying, “Dear , you are on your way my friend!!! You can hold your calm and power with the best.”

Kristian knows what’s he’s talking about these days too– in his off-time from Sugarland he produced Lindsay Ell’s hit album.


Jennifer and Lionel sang “Hello” together in 2012, but we need to hear “Stay,” too.