Gabby Barrett Shares Lyric Video For Original Tune, “Missin Love”

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Just because Gabby Barrett is on the road as part of the American Idol Live Tour, doesn’t mean she’s going to take a break from releasing new music to her fans.

The “American Idol” third place finisher has taken to her YouTube channel to release a lyric video for one of her original songs, “Missin Love.” The new tune, written by Gabby, has the Pennsylvania native singing about missing a love and not being able to go on without them.

“I don’t wanna want you / I don’t wanna care for you / I don’t wanna need you / I don’t wanna hear about you / But the truth is you complete me / I’m not good until you complete me / And I’m Missin Love / and I’m missin love,” she sings in the chorus.

“You know that relationship you just can’t figure out. You want a break but when you take the break something is missing,” Gabby said on Twitter. “I wrote this song about those feelings we go through.”

Gabby has been treating her fans to original tunes since leaving “American Idol.” She began with releasing “Young Blood,” followed by Jesus and My Mama” and “Your Name on It.”