Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton Join Forces on New Single, “Dive Bar” [Listen]

Garh Brooks and Blake Shelton collaboratingon new single Dive Bar
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Country music fans went bonkers when Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton recently shared the news that they had collaborated on a fun summer anthem. Fortunately, the two superstars didn’t make us wait long to hear that new music.

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On Tuesday, June 18, which also happens to be Blake’s birthday, “Dive Bar” made its debut on country radio stations across the U.S. and those fans who waited so patiently…or not so patiently…got a real red dirt treat from the two Oklahomans.

Were gonna spend the weekend / in the deep end / the water’s fine y’all should just come on in / to the deep end / of the dive bar/ of this dive bar,” the duo sings in the song.

However, the night before “Dive Bar” premiered, Garth took to his Facebook live “Studio G” series to talk more about the song.

He describes the song as sounding fresh and sounding like summer and as a “Jones Meet Stones kinda thing.” He also said, “I never knew how much we sounded alike until you hear the song and you can’t even pick who’s singing when they’re singing. But something about Blake’s voice when he hits that one kind of thing that he does, it’s like, no doubt that’s Blake Shelton.”

Garth went on to say, ‘My favorite thing is his laugh he does during the guitar solo of this song.”

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But Blake, be forewarned, Garth also teased, “This is going to be fun. It’s also going to be the start of a great relationship and great relationships in Oklahoma involve a lot of playing pranks on each other and get kinda nasty with each other.”

Oh boy, y’all get ready!

Now, if you’ve got a ticket to Garth’s July 19 show in Boise, Idaho, you’ll get to hear Garth and Blake perform the song live during the concert. This is the only time fans will get to hear it live (at least for now). Also, a music video is in the works for the tune.

“Dive Bar” is available exclusively on country radio, as well as Garth’s SiriusXM channel and The Highway.

Also get ready with your official hashtag for the song: #DiveIn, and National Dive Bar Day is July 7, so get those mugs frosted!