Garth Brooks Cleared Up The Lip Syncing Fiasco And Got Scared On “The Ellen Show”


‘Tis the season for great deals and I ant to get in on the giving. I typically post videos with a singular purpose but this one has two really noteworthy moments in it. Garth Brooks went on “The Ellen Show” to plug his upcoming and exhaustive five-part anthology but ended up talking about the lip syncing fiasco during the CMAs. That’s worth watching on it’s own. Then Ellen tried to scare Garth but failed miserably, calling it the “most pathetic scare we’ve ever done.” It completely hilarious.

This video really has it all.

“We did twelve shows in ten days and right in the middle of those twelve shows was the CMAs,” Garth said when asked why he chose to lip sync live. “So we went in a made a track for it just in case the voice was gone, made a game time decision and played it because we still had seven shows starting the next night in Spokane.

“And the truth is I love award shows, I think they’re sweet. But for me they’re like the tree is to Christmas- they’re the symbol of it but not what it’s all about. What it’s about are those people who put their butts in the seats, travel, fight that traffic, pay that parking and go in. That’s who you want to save your voice for. So we made that decision, and I have to tell you, if it happened tomorrow I would make the same decision.”

When it comes to the lip-syncing controversy, I can see both sides. It seems disingenuous or fraudulent to pretend to sing onstage, but Garth’s voice was gone and the alternative was to not perform at all. What would we be saying if the Entertainer of the Year refused to play?

I, like Ellen, think he made the right call.

Then Ellen tried to scare Garth and failed miserably in the best/worst scare she’s ever done.