Garth Brooks Told Ellen “Spoonin’ Leads to Forkin'”


Garth Brooks just can’t stop gushing. About everything! The man just loves to say nice things about everything. During a recent appearance on “Ellen,” Garth told Ellen all about what it was like to make the decision to un-retire.

“I was scared nobody would show up, I was scared to death…everything moves on and everything has it’s time… I didn’t know what was going to happen,” he said when discussing the overwhelming amount of support his tour has gotten since September 2014. The tour has sold 5 million tickets to date.

Also, Ellen finally made Garth tell her what his new singleBaby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance” is actually about.

“I was seriously thinking of snow angels…there’s only one thing left,” Garth said when pressed. Of course, Ellen took the rest of the questions to the next level.

But, of course, our favorite line of the interview was obviously when Garth told Ellen it’s smart to bring Trisha Yearwood everywhere.