Revisiting Garth Brooks’ Weird First Facebook Video

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We saw this video 2-and-a-half years ago and, well, it’s still unsettling. Don’t get us wrong, we love G and are fully convinced that he is one of the greatest performers of the last century, but this video is anything but comfortable. It’s just…weird.

Is this viral marketing for a new “Saw movie?

This video smells like beef and cheese. It feels like Garth is becoming my step-dad and he’s trying to be “buddies” with me against my will. “We’ll be spending more time together. I like that.” You’re not my dad. When he says, “I say, let the conversation begin,” there is nothing that I want to do less than talk to this dude.

Maybe a bad Garth Brooks impersonator broke into Garth’s Facebook and is pretending as hard as they can to “be real.” Maybe this is a wax statue version of G brought to life by dark magic trying to act like he doesn’t want to destroy humanity. “I love all the humans like me, a human man-person.”

The description calls the video “amazing, authentic, and transparent.”

Let’s break this down:


I don’t think “amazing” means what they think it means. Nature is amazing. Love is amazing. This is remarkable at best. By that, I mean it is able to be remarked upon. People can say things about this.

Strike one.


It is authentically him talking in a authentic hotel room, but it is anything but authentic. This is probably the 15th take of this video. He knows exactly what he wants to say and is 100 percent acting it out. His “friend” who told him this was a conversation was either his agent or PR Firm. This isn’t real Garth. Real Garth cries when he talks about Trisha Yearwood.

Strike two.


Again, what do you think “transparent” means? Do dictionaries still exist? He isn’t sharing his fears, his hopes, his dreams, or his real thoughts. This is a politician’s version of transparent. “There are walls that we have and I don’t like them. Let’s break them down with Facebook and slick content.”

Strike 3.

The good news is that GB has come a long way. His current videos are a lot better.

One take. Off the cuff. Inspiring. Informative. Garth.