Garth Brooks Stopped His Show To Celebrate A Young Fan Who Just Beat Cancer

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Don’t go to a Garth Brooks show unless you are prepared to be called up to the stage to be honored by him. During his tour he has serenaded an elderly woman, helped a guy propose to his girlfriend and paid for their honeymoon, and promised to pay college tuition for a than unborn child. In Calgary, Garth celebrated Mason, a young fan who beat cancer by giving him a signed guitar in the middle of the show. The Ronald McDonald House posted the video with an accurate title, “Warning: This video will make you cry happy tears.”

Mason had been fighting cancer for over a year. His mother, Gale, found out he was cancer free the day of Garth’s show and was given tickets by a person touched by her story. At the show, Garth read her sign, marker scrawled on cardboard, “My son is cancer free”, and began talking to her.

Garth, along with the sold out crowd cheered Mason, who was unable to attend due to his recovering immune system. In fact, Mason’s immune system will be recovering for two years. “We’re gonna miss him,” Garth said. “I tell you what, I need you to take Mason something for me.”

Garth unslung his guitar, signed it for Mason. “May you never have to worry about the frigging C-word again, honey,” Brooks exclaimed as the crowd roared. “You give Mason a hug for me. You have all of my strength and all of my joy. Congrats!”

The autograph reads, “Mason, take care of your mama!” Garth Brooks, American hero.