Garth Brooks Surprises Lee Brice With Duet Performance of “More Than a Memory”


It was a windy night in Indio, California when Garth Brooks took the stage to headline the final night of Stagecoach Festival on Sunday (April 29).

During his set, the superstar decided to have the songwriter of his 2007 hit “More Than a Memory,” join him on stage. That songwriter happened to be country artist Lee Brice. Lee had just finished a set prior to Garth and as he was hanging around the stage, Garth jumped on the opportunity to invite him back.

The “Shameless” singer pulled Lee up on stage by hand and re-introduced him to the crowd. As they stood on stage Lee asked, “Do you want me to sing?”

To which Garth responded, “I’m nervous as hell now that your standing up here, so yeah, you start.”

And with that, Lee took the first verse of the song he wrote with co-writers Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs.

Garth joined in to take the second verse and chorus before finishing the song together.

“Took a match to everything she ever wrote / Watched her words go up in smoke
Tore all the pictures off the wall / But that ain’t helping me at all / ‘Cause when your talking out loud and nobody’s there / You look like hell and you just don’t care
Drinking more than you’ve ever drank / Sinking down lower than you’ve ever sank / When you find yourself falling down upon your knees / Praying to God, begging him please / That’s when she’s / More than a memory,” Garth sang.

Garth later took to his Facebook chat, Studio G, to praise Lee for a great job saying Lee was singing his butt off. It was awesome.” Garth also remembered the night fondly.

“That was a blast last night. The only thing was the wind, but you really didn’t notice it, the way people were singing. They were having a great time,” Garth said. “It was like being welcomed into love.”