Legendary Coach Lou Holtz Joins Garth Brooks to Announce First-Ever Concert at Notre Dame Stadium


While no date has been announced, Garth Brooks held a press conference Monday morning (July 9) to announce that he would be the first-ever entertainer to perform at Notre Dame stadium.

When? We still don’t know. That’s the part of the announcement, he didn’t announce.

Joining the country star were legendary Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz and vice president for campus safety and even management Mike Seamon.

“When you look at bringing a concert to Notre Dame football stadium, which has never happened before, you really want it to be somebody very, very special,” Coach Holtz said. “The two top recording artists and the two top people selling albums is Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks. Elvis wasn’t available.”

“This is an important moment and once we decided we were going to have a concert, Garth just jumped into our minds right away. And we knew that he had to be the one. That was it,” Seamon added.

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The two men welcomed Brooks to Notre Dame before he stepped out to greet the crowd.

“Thank you for coming out today. You do things in your life that you’re proud of, if you’re lucky, Brooks said. “This one just by association brings a ton of pride to myself, to my family. It’s pretty cool. These guys walk the walk and talk the talk and I can’t tell you how excited we are.”

More concert announcements will follow, including opening acts as well as the date for the “one night only” Notre Dame concert.

“We’re gonna tell you, in time,” Brooks added about the date.”I don’t know if they told you but they have a football season going on there. This is going to be a dance between those two schedules. I can tell you that it is going to be the perfect time of year in Notre Dame and the perfect time for us.

One person that will not be on the bill, is Brooks’ wife Trisha Yearwood.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere where that we’re not together. We just spent 10 days in L.A. I was the band wife so I sat around the hotel all day waiting for my wife to come home from work,” Brooks joked. “So that partnership, I pray will be there forever, whether we’re singing together or not. The last three year tour was Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, that will not be the case going forward, sometimes. Where the last tour was Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, this time it’s just going to be Mr. Yearwood.”

“Notre Dame stadium has seen so many iconic moments,” Brooks continued. “I look forward to bringing a new kind of crazy to the party. As frantic as you’ve seen that stadium at football games, they can’t hold a candle to country music.”

Well said Garth.

Garth Brooks announces Notre Dame concert
Photo by Lisa Konicki

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