[Watch] Garth Brooks Got the Ultimate Gift From Oklahoma State’s Marching Band– An Entire Halftime Show Dedicated to His Biggest Hits

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As long as you’ve loved and adored Garth Brooks the folks in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have loved him just a little bit longer. Before becoming the highest-selling solo act of all-time, Brooks was a student at OSU on a track scholarship playing music on the side. He graduated from OSU in 1984 with a degree in Advertising. In 2009 Brooks was inducted into the OSU Hall of Fame with another famous-footed Cowboy, Barry Sanders.

Recently, as a part of OSU’s Homecoming festivities the Cowboy Marching Band performed 5 minutes of Brooks’ hits including, “Rodeo,” “Papa Loved Mama,” and “Friends in Low Places.”

Throughout the performance the band spelled out “rodeo,” formed a bronco and a pair of cowboy boots before spelling out “Garth Brooks.”

Even more shockingly, this was Cowboy Marching Band graduate assistant Mallory Brooks’ first time to fully design a drill. She told One Country, “I’ve always been a huge fan of his– my mom and I would always listen to his CDs in the car growing up, so when I started to design the halftime show I wanted to showcase his music, since he is not only an Oklahoma artist but also an OSU alum. I tried to pick some of his most popular music that the crowd would like, and create picture sets to fit the music. The band directors were very helpful during the writing process (since this was my first drill to design) and I’m just so glad the crowd liked it!! And of course, we couldn’t end a Garth Brooks show without Friends in Low Places!”

Well, yeah, even Brooks knows you can’t leave a Brooks show without “Friends in Low Places.”

It’s the broncs and the blood…


… and they call the thing the rodeo.

Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots…

Though it’s been a few decades since Brooks was the big man on the OSU campus, his career his still soaring. He’s currently wrapping up his 3-year worldwide tour and he’s nominated for CMA Entertainer of the Year at the upcoming 51st Annual CMA Awards.