Through Tears Garth Brooks Says, “The Show Must Go”

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Garth Brooks is country music’s ultimate encourager in chief. Just a few hours after the Route 91 Harvest shooting in Las Vegas, Brooks took to his normal Monday night Studio G on Facebook and shared words of encouragement with those tuning in.

Before singing “The Change,” Brooks shared, “The show must go…the show must go on…when things go bad, doctors go to work. When thing go bad, policemen go to work. When things go bad, music and musicians go to work,.Those people in those seats, they come to get away from it all, to be happy, to be joyous, to sing, and to love one another. That’s what it’s all about. So, you got a gig tonight? The music starts tonight. Start it again, start spreading the love. Start creating the greatest power music holds, and that’s the power to heal.”