8 Strange, Exciting and Funny Things I Learned About Garth Brooks After Watching Studio G


Garth Brooks has begun the inside look into his life and career with his Facebook Live, Inside Studio G sessions. And while they are a bit wild and sporadic, just like Garth himself, they are both enjoyable to watch and very informative on Mr. Yearwood.

In his first episode, he talks about a number of different things including his recent trip to Yankee Stadium, his new album, a potential live album (he says might be in the works for Christmas of 2017) and why he refers to Trisha Yearwood as “Miss Yearwood.”

8 Strange, Exciting and Funny Things I Learned About Garth Brooks After Watching Studio G:

1. Garth talked about “The 10” which refers to the last song on every one of his albums.

Whether it’s “The Dance” or “The Chance,” he’s always referred to that one song that just can’t be followed. During his chat, he discussed the subject and explained that it stems from his first album that only had 10 songs on it.

“We used to call it the 10 because it was back when there was just 10 songs and it was always the tenth one. The song, you just don’t know,” he explained. “With ‘The Dance,’ you know, but sometimes you just fill the album out. That’s the thing about albums: they have purpose and reasoning. There are some songs that they cannot follow.”

2. Garth loves Takamine Guitars, but never plays his own on records.

Apparently Garth does enjoy playing guitars, but never really plays them on his records. When he does play his guitar, it’s always a Takamine Guitar because, “they gave me a guitar when I couldn’t afford one.”

“I don’t play on my own records. I’m nowhere near good enough to play on my own record,” he said. “I use the guitar to hide my gut, that’s the only reason why I have one.”

3. Yankee Stadium was a HUGE deal for Garth.

Garth returned to New York for the first time since his 1997 Central Park concert to play at Yankee Stadium. And, he said, it was one of the more memorable moments of his life.

“What I love about New York was how big it was, but my favorite memory from New York is going to be the rainy Saturday night because then it became a small town and it became so personal,” he said.

Check out this Facebook Live before he went on stage.

4. Apparently there’s a lot of Brians on tour.

“There’s a thousand Brians on tour so every Brian gets a nickname,” he laughed. “Our social media guy is hashtag Brian.”

5. Garth isn’t completely sure what his Sirius XM channel will look like.

It seems that Garth isn’t 100 percent sure what the plan is for his XM Channel. While we know that he’ll be DJ’ing some and he’ll also have guest DJs on, we’re not sure what’s going to happen beyond that, and apparently, neither is Garth.

“The sweet people at Sirius XM wanted to start a Garth channel. What is a Garth channel? You’re guess is as good as mine, but we’re going to get it started,” he said. “They’ll be guest DJs and it will be really fun.”

6. Garth is a chord nerd.

Garth began his G session by explaining the difference, musically between “The Dance” and “The Thunder Rolls.” The difference, he said, is a single string. “Majors talk about all the good things and take a D and make it a minor and things get a little uncomfortable. The changing of one string can change the whole mood,” he said.

7. Garth has a 1,000 photo shoot tips.

“You just get to kind of go in and have fun and be silly. You usually have to push the chin out, and I’m never smiling because my jaws show up,” he added.

8. Calling his wife “Miss Yearwood” is a tradition that’s never going to be broken.

“The first party we were ever at, we took a photo together in 1988, so I’ve known this woman for almost 30 years,” he said. “But, she was always Miss Yearwood. I called her Yearwood when I wasn’t happy with her, but it’s always been a thing. When we started dating, it was always Miss Yearwood, when we got married, it was still Miss Yearwood. It’s just one of those things that I don’t think is ever going to be broken.”