George Strait Keeps It Country With New Album “Honky Tonk Time Machine”


At a time when it’s growing difficult to find much tradition in country music, George Strait releases his 30th album, Honky Tonk Time Machine, and reminds us all that fiddle, steel, swing and honky-tonking are all alive and well.

The 13-song collection boasts eight tracks co-written by the King of Country Music himself—a practice he had taken a break from for a few years. His co-writers include son Bubba Strait, longtime pal Dean Dillon, legendary writer and producer Buddy Cannon, contemporary hit songwriter Jeff Hyde, and the legendary Willie Nelson who also contributes vocals on “Sing One With Willie” for the project.

In addition, George covers the Johnny Paycheck classic, “Old Violin,” and invites his grandson, Harvey, to get his first recording experience on “God and Country Music.”

But putting a new album out must not have been enough for the Texan. He also released a new music video for the album side, “Codigo.” Showing the rambunctious, tequila-loving side of the typically subdued country superstar, the video is an ode to the agave juice that George has recently become known for. Part Texas swing and part beach boardwalk shuffle, the tune is an anthem to summertime and margaritas, hold the lime. George himself sounds as if he’s on the verge of a belly laugh, and in the video, we even I-spy him embracing his beautiful bride, Norma, for a quick swing around the hardwoods…like any good Texas cowboy would do.

Honky Tonk Time Machine is a fresh take on traditional country and an absolutely fitting offering
from the King.