Get to Know: Aaron Parker

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Aaron Parker is a guy’s guy, a real country music fan, a serious songwriter and one of the most talked about voices in Nashville today.

Growing up in Alabama, Parker got his start in the church choir. Actually, he was more of a solo artist. His mother played the piano for the small congregation and he could take the microphone just about any Sunday he wanted. Like a lot of singers before him, church was where Parker learned to love the stage and performing.

Even at a young age he appreciated the classics.

“My mom was always singing ‘Bennie and The Jets’ and I remember knowing that I really liked that song,” he says. Though he doesn’t count himself (or his mom) as a diehard Elton John fan, his parents introduced him to the music that influences him the most today.

“My mom bought my dad Alan Jackson’s Greatest Hits Collection for Christmas one year…I stole that album and I knew every line in every song. I can still sing every song.”

Though he calls Alan Jackson a “huge inspiration,” the real No. 1 man in his life is Garth Brooks. And he has been since his cooler, older cousin invited Parker over one afternoon to check out his Firebird and played the Brooks classic, “Rodeo” for him.

“That was the game-changer,” he says.

Parker has dreams. Big ones. And he’s poised to make a mark on the country music genre by doing what his heroes did, but differently.

“My music is completely different than what’s out there. Totally different. I want to pick up where my heroes left off and focus on what I love.”

And what he loves is the story.

Parker is a serious songwriter, who, more than anything, is a real guy who wants to connect with an audience over what they care about– the everyday struggles of the regular guy who gets up and goes to work every day. He too is a “normal guy” who happens to have a not-so-normal job of singing songs for a living.

Parker’s booming, charming voice is on full-display in his debut single, “She’ll Always Be That Night.” And though it’s evident he sounds like that classic country music he loves so much, he’s very much in his own element, a new artist with his own voice and stories to tell.

After playing shows with Cassadee Pope, Trace Adkins, Alabama and Loretta Lynn over the last year Parker is in the studio hard at work on his debut album.

He’s writing every day and working diligently to give country music fans exactly what they want to hear– country music– music that means something.

“This isn’t Aaron Parker’s story to tell– it’s everyone’s story.”

Image Source: Aaron Parker

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