Get to Know: Haley & Michaels


Have you ever wondered what happens to all those songs couples declare as “our song” after they break-up? (Shannon) Haley & (Ryan) Michaels wondered, too and now they’re turning that curiosity into a crazy good song with, “Just Another Love Song.”

When the two sat down with Richie McDonald of Lonestar to write “Just Another Love Song,” they realized they were sitting with the writer of one of the most well-known love songs of all-time, in any genre. Since their song was the story about what happens to a love song after a break-up, McDonald’s idea to include “Amazed” in the tune was a no-brainer.

Haley and Michaels both hail from Northern California. Not exactly known as a hot-bed for country music success, the two moved to Nashville separately to embark on their musical journeys. It wasn’t until they began singing and writing together that they figured out they grew up in the same area.

“I grew up on George Strait and Randy Travis. I kind of got made fun of for listening to country music, but now all of my friends are inviting me to Kenny Chesney every summer,” says Haley, who was clearly ahead of the curve.

Ryan’s dad was a country music fan and musician, so he, too grew up loving country music– Garth Brooks especially.

The duo has no lead singer and they love singing and writing songs that tell stories from the male and female perspective.

The duo’s newest single, “One More Night to Break” is another tale of a relationship that isn’t meant to be, but that’s not the real story of Haley & Michaels. The two are set to get married later this year.

In 2013, the duo swept through the Nashville Independent Music Awards, winning 4 awards including Song Of The Year and Artist Of The Year. Their EP, Haley & Michaels, was released in 2014 and they are currently on a radio tour in support of their latest song.

Image Source: Haley & Michaels