Garth Brooks Gave a Tour of Yankee Stadium Before His Show (And It Was Awesome)

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Becoming the first country music artist to ever play in Yankee Stadium, Garth Brooks once again surpassed expectations in New York.

Brooks played two sold out shows in the famous stadium and it was the first time that he has played a show in the Big Apple since his 1997 concert in Central Park that attracted nearly 900,000 people.

Thanks to “Good Morning America,” we got to go backstage to see how Brooks prepared for the shows and what made them so special.

“The truth is, if you’re going to play something like Yankee Stadium, you better represent,” Brooks said in the interview. “It’s like carrying the flag at the Olympics: I get to carry the flag of country music into Yankee Stadium.”

As Brooks wraps up his world tour, he’s beginning his own Sirius XM Channel and working on a new album.