4 Grand Ole Opry Member Invitations We Love Watching Again and Again


Since 1925, the Grand Ole Opry has been the show that made country music famous. Today, the Grand Ole Opry hands out invitations to “The people who’ve been entrusted with the Opry’s tradition and future direction take into account all the standards of success in country music—radio airplay, recorded music sales, touring success, industry recognition—when considering an act for membership.” And always, the invitations come as a surprise. In the last few months, Chris Young was invited to become a member and just recently, Chris Janson was invited. Their invitations were so fun and joyful, it got us to thinking about a few other invitations we love to watch on repeat.

4 Grand Ole Opry Member Invitations We Love Watching Again and Again:

Without any doubt, this is my favorite Grand Ole Opry invitation. Reba McEntire just walked out on stage and started harmonizing with Little Big Town during “Pontoon.” The foursome was so shocked they eventually just stopped singing. And then, they all realized their parents and other important people were also in attendance.

Darius Rucker got tricked into taking audience questions from those in attendance before Brad Paisley popped up and asked him to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Carrie Underwood wrapped up singing, “All-American Girl,” when she turned around and saw Randy Travis. She was literally startled by him standing there, so he wasted no time in letting her know why she was there. She immediately broke into tears.

Vince Gill told Keith Urban to put his guitar down before Rascal Flatts walked out with a giant duffle bag containing a Grand Ole Opry microphone– the official sign of Opry membership.