Granger Smith Releases Red Balloon During Concert In Honor of Late Son River

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Granger Smith is finding healing in his musical family.

Since the untimely passing of his three-year-old son, River, in a tragic drowning accident at the family’s home, Granger has now returned to his tour schedule and is meeting others who are experiencing a similar loss.

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In a new video on the Smith’s YouTube page, he says “We’re hearing from so many people that are in a similar boat as us or experiencing some kind of loss or grief. We really have taken on the challenge of talking to some of thee people, sharing some of that empathy because it makes us feel stronger and helps us continue to grow in the right direction. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, it helps us find meaning.”

Granger goes on to say that he has experienced a full circle moment while opening for Garth Brooks in Boise.

“When I lost River, I had released a song a few months before that called ‘Heaven Bound Balloons,’” he says. “I released a music video for ‘Heaven Bound Balloons’ and there’s so much irony in that song and me writing that song before I had any idea what was about to happen. I even wrote about a dog that I had, my lab named Rio, which, ironically, is River in Spanish. I wrote about Rio in that second verse. And so, that song became how I thought about River in these past few shows that I’ve played.”

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He adds, “I just figured, we’re here in a stadium and that playing ‘Heaven Bound Balloons’ to a Garth Brooks crowd in this stadium tonight, I knew that was going to mean something to me and it did. To be able to give a little tribute in my own way to Riv was something really special.”

And with that, Granger released a “Heaven Bound Ballons” inscribed with River’s name and a message of love, from the center of the stadium change.