Granger Smith’s Alter-Ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Releases Countryfied “Merica” Music Video

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Earl Dibbles Jr., the comedic alter-ego of country music artist, Granger Smith, has released his highly anticipated, incredibly countryfied music video for his song, “Merica.”

Since his creation in 2011, Earl Dibbles Jr. has become a viral sensation. With a social media fan-base of over 3.5 million and his online video views exceeding 28 million, Granger’s more country, more outlandish alter-ego is here to stay.

“Earl Dibbles Jr. had been missing a song about ‘Merica’ on his previous three tracks,” Granger said in a press release. “One of my goals in writing this one was to try and capture who Earl is for those who might not know anything about him. From the first line you can picture who Earl is, ‘I got my one strap snapped on my Liberty bibs, wad of Levi Garrett packed between my lip and my gum… Merica.’ Earl Dibbles Jr. allows me to work way outside the typical parameters of country music and this song adds another tangible layer to who Earl is.”

Hey, we’ll take it.

“Merica” will be featured on Granger’s upcoming album, Remington, which releases March 4.

Image Source: YouTube