Hank Williams Jr. Will Bring His “Rowdy Friends” Back To Monday Night Football


After six years, Hank Williams Jr. is returning to “Monday Night Football” with a revamped version of his hit “All My Rowdy Friends.” The singer has not performed the song since he was ousted from ESPN for comparing President Barak Obama to Adolph Hitler.

Williams did not apologize for the comparison, choosing instead to explain that he was trying to make a point by using an extreme analogy. ESPN did not replace Williams’ with another artist and didn’t make an effort to make a new intro for every game as William’s did. Each game brought a new song all ending the same way, “Are you ready for some football!?”

It was pure Americana, all energy and excitement.

ESPN has not stated why they chose to reinstate Williams who is already hard at work filming his weekly intros. Williams will debut his new MNF theme song September 11 before the New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings.