Hank Williams, Jr., Writes Songs in a Deer Stand

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With Hank Williams, Jr., what you see is what you get. He’s a country boy — as the songs says — and that means he can often be found writing a song in a deer stand.

“Well, that’s where I write, cause that’s what I’m gonna be doing anyway,” he says. “And Minnie Pearl said my father, he’s in the dressing room and they said, ‘Oh, you’ve gotta get on, there’s ten thousand people’ and he’s telling me about his squirrel dogs and you’re in here and you’re telling me about your Civil War musket. Good God, y’all are exactly alike.'”

Like father, like son has never been truer.

“So yeah, that’s where I’m gonna do it,” he adds. “I’m gonna write it wherever it comes. I’ve written ’em in the deer stand, I’ve written them in the boat. Daddy wrote ‘Long Gone Lonesome Blues‘ on Kentucky Lake in a boat. I mean, that’s what we do. ‘Country Boy Can Survive’ is a real song. That’s where I live. I don’t live in New York City. I don’t live in Los Angeles and I never will. I live out in the woods, you see [laughs].”