Harry Style’s Latest Single Proves He Could Easily Make Country Music


Harry Styles is not a country musician. That’s not news. But Styles surprised fans and critics alike earlier this summer when he said he would like to collaborate with Chris Stapleton. Our speculation that he could make a country album, not much unlike Miley Cyrus, was not completely off base: Styles’ latest single could easily be played on any country station.

“Two Ghosts” falls more cleanly into pop music but it’s easy to hear Chris Stapleton influence in the song. Now, I don’t think it sounds country just because it is built around an acoustic guitar and a whining guitar sliding riff. The longing, loss, clever wordplay, complete lack of pretense, reliability, and simplicity all fit squarely in the genre. As the current Nashville sound shows, pop is a short step away from country.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m still in for a Stapleton/Styles collaboration. “Two Ghosts” just seals the deal.