The Goldbergs’ Hayley Orrantia Celebrates “Nights & Weekends” in New Single


Hayley Orrantia is back at work in her role as Erica Goldberg on the ABC hit sitcom The Goldbergs, but that’s not going to stop her from gracing us with new music.

The latest effort from the singer/songwriter is the upbeat dance tune called “Nights & Weekends.” A slight departure from her last EP, The Way Out, which had her reflecting on her stages of grief after being cheated out of thousands of dollars by her ex-boyfriend.

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But that’s all behind her now. The actress is moving ahead with a new boyfriend, a new season of The Goldbergs and new music.

“I’m really stoked about it,” Hayley tells One Country.  “After the EP [The Way Out], which was a lot of ballads and very emotional songs, I wanted something kind of fun to transition into. Honestly, I love putting this song on in my car and just jamming to it. I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan of it myself. So it’s just been really fun to have something like to dance along to rather than cry to.”

The 25-year-old triple threat (singer, songwriter, actress) sat down with One Country to chat about the optimistic tune, her sitcom and what she loves to do with her “Nights & Weekends.”

One Country: Can you tell me the story behind your new song “Nights and Weekends?”

Hayley: “Brandon [Day], Robyn [Collins], Alex [DeCosta], and I got together to write.  I had never met Alex or Brandon before, but Robin and I ended up writing, co-writing my entire EP. I think Brian came in with his title ‘Nights and Weekends.’  I tend to gravitate towards writing slow songs, so I was like, ‘an upbeat song, I’m ready for a dance song. Let’s figure it out.’ He had this title and it was one of those things where we really needed to make this a universal feeling of looking forward to getting off of work and enjoying your time off. Whether that’d be like at home or out with friends at a bar, trying to pay tribute to all those different ways that you can look forward to not working.” (laughs)

One Country: So what does a 25-year old actress/singer do on her nights and weekends?

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: Oh man. Usually, I’m on the couch. And probably Postmates has been ordered and Netflix is a big thing. It’s so cliche, but honest to God, it’s my favorite thing to do—me and my boyfriend, my current boyfriend, and some friends will usually get together and I love doing game nights at the apartment. So there’s this game called Bananagram. It’s a really fun game that I’m addicted to right now.”

One Country: I’ve never heard of Bananagram. What is that?

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “It’s essentially like Scrabble. All the pieces, the Scrabble pieces, are upside down in the center and everybody has to collect 21 individual pieces and try to make their own Scrabble boards with the letters they have. And then as someone finishes the board, they yell, peel, and then everyone has to grab another one from the center and incorporate that into their Scrabble board. It’s essentially you’re playing individual Scrabble against each other. So as like a songwriter and a lover of words, it’s very fun for me to kick everyone’s butt. But I love game night, so when I’m at home, I don’t tend to go out really anymore I’m a grandma. I like to eat and play.” (laughs)

One Country: But you’re 25 and living in L.A., shouldn’t you be out partying?

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “Honestly, when I first moved to L.A., I never really had a college experience. I was nineteen when I moved out here and I would say the first year and a half, there was a group of people I knew out here and we used to party like we were in college. I think I got it all out of my system then. I don’t like clubs. You know what I do like to do, if I ever do go out, I love karaoke and I love dancing.”

One Country: Is “Nights & Weekends” a taste of what’s to come from a new album? Are you working on a new album?

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “I plan on releasing a single every three months or so. That way I keep the momentum going with music whenever I’m filming. And spring and summer of next year, it looks like I’m going to be opening for an artist that I really love, but I can’t say who yet. Let’s just say I know them very well. They’re very talented and I’m super excited because I think that our audiences together make a lot of sense and to be able to go on the road would be so fun.”

One Country: Would you say that listening to your music is a good way to get to know you? 

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “Yeah, I would say on a personal level, all the songs that I write come from a very real place for me. I’m very involved in the songwriting process. So I would say that if you want to know about me you could definitely listen to my lyrics. Outside of that, for the most part I run all my socials, so it is me and I guess that’s another way. But you know, when you’re acting you’re kind giving whatever the character is. I wouldn’t say that I’m too far off from who Erica is, but then she does things that I’m like, ‘Hey I don’t know if I would do that.’ So music would be the way to go.”

One Country: What do you want people to take from “Nights & Weekends” when they are listening to it?”

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “I hope that it’s something that if they can just put on and either sing or dance along to. I hope  it’s just like a fun, upbeat song that celebrates looking forward to turning off and just looking forward to things in general because that’s kind of what it’s been for me. I just hope it’s something that they can kind of enjoy celebrating along with, especially after this really sad EP hat I just dropped on you. It’s my way of being like, ‘sorry, here’s a happy one.'”

One Country: You mentioned that you’re filming The Goldbergs, will they be incorporating any of your music in the new season? 

HAYLEY ORRANTIA: “I have been working on that for awhile now and I have one song that I co-wrote with some friends of mine in Nashville that I think would be absolutely phenomenal for a scene in the show. I have been pitching it to the writers, producers and now I’m going through Sony to try to make it happen. Please keep your fingers crossed because I would love to have an original song in the show. And that is my main focus this season.”