Hayley Orrantia Finds “The Way Out” After Painful Breakup

Hayley Orrantia The Way Out Ep new music
Photo by Matthew Berinato

While her hit show The Goldbergs was on hiatus, Hayley Orrantia turned her attention to new music. In her latest EP, The Way Out, released in May, the Texas native is sharing the pain she went through following the end of a deceitful relationship.

“It is something very personal and I’m putting myself in a very vulnerable place by putting it out there,” Hayley tells One Country. “But I felt like I needed to tell the story, not only because I was already deciding that the music was gonna just be for itself, but I think I wanted to give a little context for why  I’m putting out such devastating EP. But also because, I really learned a lot in my experience and I ended up being with somebody who completely lied about who they are, and in every aspect. And I kind of wanted to warn other people that this does happen a lot more than you can get that.”

Turns out, Hayley’s former boyfriend, Brandon Pelletier, whom she met on the set of The Goldbergs in 2015 when he was part of a tour group, was stealing large sums of money from the actress. The couple hit it off after their meeting and began dating. A year and a half later, Hayley discovered that Brandon stole close to $9000 dollars with credit card charges and money withdrawals.

“I would say that my biggest thing and that I keep wanting to tell everybody that too, is there wasn’t anything that stood out to me like ‘Oh that was a big red flag that I need to have a conversation about,'” she revealed..

“I always knew what questions to ask. There was always something he would say that would raise a question to me, that I would be bold enough to say, ‘Hey, this doesn’t sound right. Can we talk about it?’ Right? It could be anything from why he didn’t have a drivers’ license to-—because there was so many different things. It could be anything. Strict things that it didn’t add up. It could be very small, it could be very big. And I feel like, once I would ask a question, he would find a way to kind of deter or how to quick answer because a lot of the times it was a subject I didn’t know a lot about. I didn’t assume that this person wasn’t lying to me, I could trust what they were saying.”

After being devastated by the man she loved, Hayley found a way to heal by writing about her heartbreaking experience.The first single released, “If I Don’t,” had the 25-year-old singing about denial.

Thought it was a fairytale / Turned into a nightmare / And I don’t wanna turn on the lights / There’s a beautiful monster / He’s laying here in my bed / And I’m lying here believing his lies / I could face myself / Even save myself / Admit that / I knew all along / But it’s easier if I don’t / No, it’s easier so I won’t,” she sings kicking off the song.

“The EP is about the stages of grief and this was the first song that I actually got to write with Robin and Mike [Miller] that kind of set the tone for what I wanted the EP to be,” added Hayley. “I would just cry listening to that song all afternoon on repeat because I have not had a song resonate with me that way in a long time and what Mike did with the production of it was something that I had been searching for.”

While Hayley had to go through the pain, she’s made it through the other side of the healing process.

“I’ve gotten all the way through acceptance. I would say the only stage that I tend to go back to every now and then would be anger,” she laughs. “I’ve fully accepted that it has happened and that I’ve learned so much about myself and about other people and how to navigate relationships and friendships in my life because of it.

However the actress singer, wants it to be a lesson to us all.

“I do want it to be a little bit of a lesson, like a warning from me. Not to say that people should walk around in fear, that this will happen,” she added. “But to be aware of signs, and to be cautious about who you let in your life, because it could end up being very devastating for you if you don’t look out for the red flag.”

“I’m hoping that moving forward I can continue to make music and make music that not only really resonates with who I am, so I can show people who I am as an artist. But I want to keep writing songs that tell stories that are vulnerable, that people can connect with because I think that’s the greatest upside of music.’

Hayley Orrantia EP cover The Way Out

The Way Out Track Listing: 

1) “If I Don’t” – Written by: Hayley Orrantia, Robyn Collins & Mike Miller

2) “Do I Come To Mind”- Written by: Hayley Orrantia, Robyn Collins & Mike Miller

3) “What Ifs & Maybes” – Written by: Hayley Orrantia, Chen Neeman, Pam Sheyne, Robyn Collins & Mike Miller

4) “Okay” – Written by: Hayley Orrantia, Robyn Collins & Mike Miller

5) “Missing Pieces” – Written by: Hayley Orrantia, Robyn Collins & Mike Miller